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Terry Zimmerman
Word Document of Orc Feats
September 19, 2006
Feats for d20 orc characters and npc's.

The content below is an article written by Terry Zimmerman. This article presents gaming information for a "d20 format" orc character class. All information contained within is protected by Canadian and international copyright laws.



Elf Hunter (General)

You have spent much of your time hunting down the dire enemy of orcs.   While hunting, you have gained significant insight into your prey.

Prerequisites:  Orc or Orc Blood, base attack bonus +3

Benefit:  When hunting down or attacking an elf, you gain a +2 insight bonus to your attack roll, a critical threat range increase of 1 (after all other threat range modifiers have been applied), and a +2 insight bonus on Bluff, Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Sense Motive, Spot, and Survival skill checks.

Special:  These benefits do stack with the ranger’s Favored Enemy special ability when elves are chosen as their enemy.


Elven Hatred (General)

The hatred of elves runs thick through your veins.  When attacking elves you receive an extra burst of adrenaline.  Normally elves will always be your primary target in any combat situation and parlaying with them is usually not deemed an option.   “Attack first and feast after”, is your motto.

Prerequisites:  Orc or Orc Blood, base attack bonus +3

Benefit:  When attacking an elf with a melee or thrown weapon, you gain a +2 insight bonus to your attack roll and +2 bonus damage.  Any Charisma based skills checks when dealing with elves suffer a -4 penalty.

Special:  These benefits do stack with the ranger’s Favored Enemy special ability when elves are chosen as their enemy.


Greater Orc Hardiness (General)

You can withstand blows without limit by tensing your muscles.

Prerequisite:  Orc Hardiness, base attack bonus +6

Benefit:  Your Orc Hardiness benefit can be used without a daily limit.


Greater Orc Ravaging Bite (General)

Your ravaging bite attack becomes more ferocious, doing more damage and can be used in addition to your other attacks.

Prerequisite:  Orc Ravaging Bite

Benefit:  Your bite damage increases as if you were a creature one size larger as per page 296 of the Monster Manual, Table 5-1.  Your bite attack may be made as an additional primary attack, albeit at a -2 penalty in a full attack action.


Large Orc (General)

Your orc tips the height and weight scales into being classified as a large creature.  Large orcs typically stand 8’ to 8½’ tall and weigh 500 to 580 pounds. 

Prerequisites:  Orc

Benefit:  You gain all the modifiers of a large sized creature as per page 314 of the Monster Manual, Table 7-1. 

Special:  This feat may only be selected at first level.


Orc Day Hunter (General)

You have spent vast amounts of time in daylight and have overcome your sensitivity to light.

Prerequisite: Orc

Benefit:  You no longer suffer from Light Sensitivity.

Special:  This feat can not be combined with the Orc Night Hunter feat or any other feat that affects darkvision.


Orc Hardiness (General)

By tensing your muscles you can withstand blows.

Prerequisite:  Orc, Strength 13, Orc Toughness

Benefit:  By expending a move action you may apply your Strength modifier to your Armor Class instead of your Dexterity modifier.  This effect only lasts one round, but it can be used a number of times per day equal to the orc’s Constitution modifier.


Orc Mixed Heritage (General)

One of your parents was an orc and the other was a half-orc.  You were born as an orc however you do not fully appear as an orc.

Prerequisites:  Orc

Benefit:  Most orcs will deem you to be a lesser orc, a half-orc.  You suffer a -2 penalty to all Charisma based skill rolls when interacting with orcs.  You gain a +10 bonus to your disguise roll when trying to pass yourself off as a half-orc.

Special:  This feat may only be selected at first level.


Orc Night Hunter (General)

You have spent vast amounts of time in darkness, either above or below the below the surface and your vision in the dark has improved.

Prerequisite: Orc

Benefit:  Your darkvision range is doubled to 120’.

Special:  This feat can not be combined with the Orc Day Hunter feat.


Orc Ravaging Bite (General)

You gain an extra attack in the form of a gruesome, tusk rending, bite.

Prerequisite:  Orc

Benefit:  You gain a bite attack as a natural attack form.   A bite causes 1d6 piercing damage, plus half your strength modified (rounded down), and is subject to the orc’s size as per Table 5-1 on page 296 of the Monster Manual.

Special:  As a natural attack a bite attack does not draw an attack of opportunity.


Orc Thick Skin (General)

Your skin is tougher than other orcs.

Prerequisite:  Orc

Benefit:  You gain natural armor +1.


Orc Toughness (General)

You are tougher than other orcs.

Prerequesite: Orc

Benefit:  You gain one hit point per character level.  (This benefit is not retroactive but it does affect the current level of the character at the time this feat is selected).


Orcish Demeanor (General)

Despite your poor Charisma, you are adept at motivating your fellow orcs and are viewed more menacingly by non-orcs.

Prerequisite:  Orc or Orc Blood, Charisma 9 or lower

Benefit:  Your negative Charisma modifier does not affect your Charisma based skills when interacting with orcs.  When interacting with non-orcs, your negative Charisma modifier becomes a positive modifier when making Intimidation skill checks.


Orcish Battlecry (General)

You may incite a battlecry from your fellow orcs which makes all participants more effective in combat and less resistant to mind affecting spells.

Prerequisite:   Orc or Orc Blood

Benefit:  By shouting forth a battle cry that is answered by at least 10 other orcs within a 20’ radius, all participating orcs gain a +1 moral bonus to their attack and damage rolls with melee or thrown weapons, and gain a +4 morale bonus to any Will saves versus mind affecting spells.  The effects of the battlecry will cease 1 round after you have stopped shouting forth.


Power Throw (General)

You can make exceptionally powerful thrown weapon attacks.

Prerequisite:  Strength 13

Benefit:  Your thrown weapons gain the same benefits that the Power Attack feat confers to melee weapons.


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