About ORCS

The Orc Roleplaying Community Site is dedicated to the pen & paper and computer roleplaying gamers who have chosen the orc race as their player character. The intent of this site is to be an information archive for all materials relating to roleplaying orcs in any fantasy or science fiction setting.

We are always looking for submissions from our readers. If you think you may have some orc related material (fiction, rules, art, ect), which you would like to submit, send it to Kor - Orc Scrollkeeper. If you notice any material already existing on the internet which you feel would make a good contribution to this site, please send us the address.

We greatly value the works of all authors and artists! Accordingly, we are very sensitive to copyright and trademark laws. We actively pursue contact with all authors and artists to obtain their permission for posting their work here. For published materials, we will only present our reviews of the information published, and not the actual published content.

Our focus is to be an archive. We will not provide critiques of any submitted or published work. For summary purposes, we will comment on some of the positive aspects of the material.

Thank you for visiting ORCS!!

Note: We are also open to contributions to keep this site running. Currently there are no contributors to the site. Site costs are $350.00 per year. Contact Kor - Orc Scrollkeeper for contribution arrangements. We do accept PayPal payments!

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